For the past few months I have been focusing intensely on my new work Desert Woman Dreaming (never ending children’s path) in preparation for my solo show at BMGArt in March 2018 and Little Treasures group exhibition in Italy in November.

I can’t always reckon  with myself as to why I can’t whip up a work quickly..Why does one square sometimes take me 30 minutes to mix and place the colour?. This latest painting has taken two and a half months and I feel pressured by deadlines daily. Such is the nature and depth of my colourfield practice and this I must make peace with. Working towards an exhibition is a huge  soul investment and nothing draws me like this communion with my own inner space.  As soon as I leave my studio I dart around like Road Runner ticking off lists, errands, housework,emails, engagements, classes and commissions, then  rest nurturing the little angels in my family, all ready to start at 530 am again the next morning.

Desert Woman Dreaming is a snapshot of the powerful visions I experienced during childbirth.. I was transported to outback rivers of colour, whilst  flying across desert scape I could hear aboriginal women singing songs and clacking sticks together. These women were in a circle around me and their voices swept through my body and soul with such familiarity.”Your body knows what to do” echoed through my heart, there was no mind left…. I flew across creeks and waterfalls with rainbow turtles and magical snakes.The sun beat down with intense light . This experience affects me still…..

Each colour is a complex mixture of over 25 oil colours placed intuitively.

Little Treasures is a group exhibition held in Bologna in Italy in November. Each artist will present four little square paintings no bigger than 20 x 20 cm. This works ideally for my geometric meditations and I am  looking forward to seeing all the other artists work! I will let you know details closer to the date!

Above are a few  pics of new works in the making…… Kari