Happy New Year all! May 2018 be filled with peace, love and Art!

Holidays have been wandering beach scapes and inner glades of new work coming up for air to the faces of loved ones. My girls have been busy in the studio creating mini aquariums and illuminated paintings from acrylics alongside long diatribe with invisible friends and mentors. It’s a wondrous time.

I’m so very excited to announce “When Mummy Paints.”, an exhibition of new works opening on March 24, 2018 at BMGART South Australia.

From the whirling laughter of children, and dreams made of energy and light. From Colours mixed through sadness, band aids and grief. From all the moments that make up the wholeness of life – it is from here my new  works have gently come into being.

In the next few months, I will be swimming around the studio surrounded by Summer and vibrating colours, I will be fixed to the canvas with the invisible thread and whilst the music plays I will trust the next brush stroke is all there is.

After 20 years exhibiting I am proud to present my new collection of oil paintings.

Kari Bienert