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Kari Bienert – BMG Christmas Show Moving!


I am so excited to announce I am moving my studio to Central School Studios in Kent Town. I am looking forward to joining a fine group of artists and being amongst the vibe in the city of Adelaide. Moving from my hills retreat will be challenging but I’m armed with as many pot plants as will fit in the new “Number 10” space and like a shapeshifter I will adapt with new spots, stripes and colours.

On December 1st my new work “Decisions” will be exhibited in the BMGART Christmas Exhibition . Join me for a champagne and hear Peter Goers deliver his Christmas message!

Show opens at 3pm.

In October my Artsy Shark feature article was published. It was in response […]

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Kari Bienert Spring News

Spring News 2018


We’re all thawing out in South Australia, the sun is finally streaming,the days are getting longer and warmer and all the flowers are whispering opportunity and new beginnings.The fields  are green and the air is fragrant.

Il start with the sad news…. This coming December I will be moving from my dear skylit studio that has provided so many memories and a total retreat for my practice. The owners are moving in to provide a wonderland for their grandchildren, and it surely will be.I have yet to announce where I will be but it won’t be long!

It was a great night at the Loreto Opening and my new work Rainbow Revelation was revealed. What a stunning showcase of artists […]

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Kari Bienert August Action

There’s no escaping the aftermath of a solo show, the intense build up and focus comes crumbling down with a period of less favourable blues in every hue. Every artist experiences it, and no matter how much we prepare for the onslaught of emotion it always catches me, even for a moment, a day….. wondering what does it all mean?

Even with sales and accolades and recognition there’s a dullness that cocoons my heart. I’m used to this time, it happens every time, but somehow I expect it to be different.

Life rolls on and I dive into work, and activities with my gorgeous girls. Its freezing in Adelaide and the heater is on, the wind is howling. I have been doing […]

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Kari Bienert Installation Pictures “When Mummy Paints”

Hello all,

What an incredible month of paintings up at BMGART for my show that ended on April 15. I also had a jumpsuit made from the 2016 painting Citadel which was a fabric field of colour! After 11 months of intense focus here are a few pictures of installation and opening!

Its back to the Studio after a great break, so many new ideas are forming and they’re not just on the canvas!


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Kari Bienert “Ones to Watch” Art Edit Magazine

Check out the March Summer Edition of Art Edit. I was chosen as “ONE TO WATCH” with a wonderful article about my work and its connection with the unconscious.

My Solo painting exhibition is now on at BMGART Adelaide, South Australia. When Mummy Paints will be up until April 15 and you can view online at BMG ART

Please see Instagram: Karibienertartist for more pics.

I am enjoying a week or two off, putting my heels on and out in the sunshine!

Happy Easter all!


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Kari Bienert “When Mummy Paints” Exhibition

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time……Leo Tolstoy

I am nearly there, I am surrounded by paintings and can hardly fit in my studio. When Mummy Paints an exhibition of my latest works opens March 24 at BMGART South Australia.

The intense preparation of the last 11 months fills my mind, heart and life. Works sit around me waiting, reflecting, glowing,… whether someone is there or not. The raw light shows every line etched into an ancient face, silent, half lit dusty space. The mind see-saws between judgement nonchalance…. resignation…nothingness. There I am again at the familiar point where I continue into the night.

The scene changes and the galloping ecstasy of light and knowledge sweep through, every brushstroke is illumined, […]

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Kari Bienert Happy New Year all! May 2018 be filled with Peace, Love and Art.

Happy New Year all! May 2018 be filled with peace, love and Art!

Holidays have been wandering beach scapes and inner glades of new work coming up for air to the faces of loved ones. My girls have been busy in the studio creating mini aquariums and illuminated paintings from acrylics alongside long diatribe with invisible friends and mentors. It’s a wondrous time.

I’m so very excited to announce “When Mummy Paints.”, an exhibition of new works opening on March 24, 2018 at BMGART South Australia.

From the whirling laughter of children, and dreams made of energy and light. From Colours mixed through sadness, band aids and grief. From all the moments that make up the wholeness of life – it is from […]

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Kari Bienert Artist Profile Art Edit Magazine Spring 2017

Thank you Art Edit for the Spring 2017 Artist Profile! I was also in the “Christmas Wrap” Edit. Get into some art this Christmas! The magazine is available now from newsagents and galleries .

Meanwhile I am burrowing away preparing for March solo show. It’s getting warmer down under and my studio is filling up, so excited to be surrounded by new work unveiled March 23!

Yesterday I had a group of kindy kids in the studio there was so much energy colour and vibe, love it when there is so much pure response to art and life , so inspiring!

Looking forward to many hours and weeks painting  next few months , stay in touch !


Kari Bienert

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Little Treasures 2017

Kari Bienert Group Exhibition in ITALY

I was so pleased to be asked to be part of the Little Treasures Exhibition in Bologna, Italy in November! A group exhibition of International artists!

In case your around please come and share in the opening ceremony on Saturday November 25th at 530pm at the De Marchi Gallery. ( Via de’ Marchi, 19 , 40123, Bologna)The Exhibition will run until December 7th.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to make it but will be having some bubbles back here Down Under!

Thank you Paola Trevisan for your wonderful organisation, support and gioia di vivere!

Looking forward to seeing the pictures!


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Kari Bienert New Works “Desert Women Dreaming” Never Ending Children’s Path

For the past few months I have been focusing intensely on my new work Desert Woman Dreaming (never ending children’s path) in preparation for my solo show at BMGArt in March 2018 and Little Treasures group exhibition in Italy in November.

I can’t always reckon  with myself as to why I can’t whip up a work quickly..Why does one square sometimes take me 30 minutes to mix and place the colour?. This latest painting has taken two and a half months and I feel pressured by deadlines daily. Such is the nature and depth of my colourfield practice and this I must make peace with. Working towards an exhibition is a huge  soul investment and nothing draws me like this communion […]

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