Kari Bienert New Works “Desert Women Dreaming” Never Ending Children’s Path

For the past few months I have been focusing intensely on my new work Desert Woman Dreaming (never ending children’s path) in preparation for my solo show at BMGArt in March 2018 and Little Treasures group exhibition in Italy in November.

I can’t always reckon  with myself as to why I can’t whip up a work quickly..Why does one square sometimes take me 30 minutes to mix and place the colour?. This latest painting has taken two and a half months and I feel pressured by deadlines daily. Such is the nature and depth of my colourfield practice and this I must make peace with. Working towards an exhibition is a huge  soul investment and nothing draws me like this communion […]

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Kari Bienert “Fields of Color” Courier Newspaper

Thank you Courier Newspaper for acknowledging my Second Prize Cash Award in the Manhattan Arts International Herstory Competition!

I am currently working on a deadline for the Sulman prize in  Sydney “Modern Snake Dream”.(180 x 144cm)- sneak peek coming soon.

See you out there!



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HERStory 2017 Second Place Cash Prize Manhattan Arts International

I am so excited to have received the Second-Place Cash Award in the Manhattan Arts International “Her Story” Competition. My painting “Opera of Colour” will appear in an online exhibition starting today! check it out! http://manhattanarts.com/herstory-2017-art-exhibition/

I am touched that Manhattan Arts used my image for the invitation banner, shining amongst the other wonderful works by fellow female artists!

Thank you so much Manhattan Arts International and Renee Phillips!


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Kari Bienert Into The Stars

There is something enlivening about revisiting a book you read when you were 16 or a place that was important years ago. The words are the same, the waves lap as they once did, things seem similar.. but you’ve changed, a later version of yourself stands beside you, a traveler you know so well blankets you with knowledge, there is no turning back, you can only step forward into the new journey. When the baby is ready to be born our eyes are fixed firmly on the moment.

It is now I am looking back to TRIANGLES in my work and the special language they convey. The painting that sung in my head was “Sahra and Starry Kari”, painted years ago. […]

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Kari Bienert Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

My last work for the year “Amongst the Thorns!”. This painting summoned me to paint it – A Triangle Journey of the heart.

I felt pulled like a magnet to place each colour in a specific spot while immersed in a definite deep painting space. Like hopping down the rabbit hole I easily slide into another world where messages and music become intertwined with painting. This world is alive, as I am writing this now.

The oil paint mixing was complex and effortless where infinite upon infinite combinations of Colours are born. Week after week, hour after hour, day after day I worked in unison with this painting telling me it’s epic truths. These paintings are the footprints I leave, this work […]

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Kari Bienert Christmas Shows 2016

Hi Everyone,

Here are the invitations to both the BMG and Worth Gallery Christmas 2016 Shows that will both feature my work. Please save the dates. Hope to see you there!

Worth Gallery 30th November 2016  5.30 – 8pm

BMG Gallery 3rd December 2016 3.00 – 5.00 pm


Kari Bienert

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Kari Bienert Children’s Dreams Pastel Series

All the energy intensity and focus for many months to the lead up to an exhibition is deflated into a limp, zip, puddle ….

To get past this I have launched myself into pastels on paper. It is so refreshing using a different medium with quick results with no thought of mixing complex combinations of oil paint. I feel entirely unencumbered and I can take my box of Rembrandts and paper anywhere. I remember in Kuala Lumpur I sat in Starbucks for 120 minutes each day at 2 pm when my daughter was asleep and drew ferociously immersed in squares and iced green tea. I also did a series of pastels in Venice Beach whilst in Los Angeles.

This time I am […]

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Kari Bienert Feature Artist on Manhattan Arts New York

Here is a wonderful article about my work by Renee Phillips of Manhattan Arts.

For anyone to connect, appreciate, understand or love your work doesn’t happen every day. And of course every person sees something different and the meanings become endless.I feel so much more connected to the bigger picture and the cosmos if there is even one connection to my viewer. Its not necessary and its not part of the creative process but the act of sharing is at foundation of all art, even if its just the connection from my inner world to consciousness.

I remember in 2002,whilst working in Greece an elderly lady responded to my work in the most passionate and demonstrative way. The memory will always be […]

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Kari Bienert Colour Babies Courier Newspaper article

Here is an article and some pictures of my “Colour Babies” opening night!

Anna Platten gave a wonderfully moving opening speech. It was truly an honor to be recognized for my creative efforts over the past 15 years.

My Colour Babies Exhibition at Worth Gallery will be open until 12th August.

Kari Bienert

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Kari Bienert Courier Newspaper Article

Here is a little piece on my solo show starting 2nd July @ Worth Gallery Adelaide.

The painting Colour Babies – Garden for the Children – Is now finished! 🙂

Kari Bienert

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