There’s no escaping the aftermath of a solo show, the intense build up and focus comes crumbling down with a period of less favourable blues in every hue. Every artist experiences it, and no matter how much we prepare for the onslaught of emotion it always catches me, even for a moment, a day….. wondering what does it all mean?

Even with sales and accolades and recognition there’s a dullness that cocoons my heart. I’m used to this time, it happens every time, but somehow I expect it to be different.

Life rolls on and I dive into work, and activities with my gorgeous girls. Its freezing in Adelaide and the heater is on, the wind is howling. I have been doing some wonderful works with the Year 1-4s at school, they’re enthusiasm and absolute light are so inspiring, such effervescence and bubbling creativity. The paintings we produce are so fresh and original.

In the studio Im working through the chill on “Rainbow Revelation” a large 120 x 120cm linen that seems to be taking ages. I’m enjoying being pulled in to its demanding colour selections, ever so mediative brushstrokes and thick radiant result,  I remind myself that it’s changing and dancing squares may only ever be meaningful to me- a lifetime of incredible meaning through colour.

The Rainbow Revelation and three other works will be on display at the Loreto Spring Art Exhibition, opening September 7th here in Adelaide.Please join me for bubbles.. Oh and some good news to keep me going till Spring, I was a finalist in the Spectrum Miami Art Fair Competition and also received a prize for the Create Magazine Feature Artist Competition-, I will be receiving an article about my work in next few months on the US organisation Artsy Shark!

Keep Warm,